Anti-Chafe Protection Since 1999

RunGuard® Natural

Anti-Chafe Protection For All Athletes

RunGuard Natural helps prevent chafing and rubbing. Apply generously on underarms, inner thighs, groin, toes, heels, sternum, chest, nipples or anywhere that chafing may occur. Developed for runners, walkers and triathletes (water resistant and works great under wetsuits). Whether it’s a 5k, marathon or ultra marathon, RunGuard Natural gives you peace of mind from chafing and lets you focus on your run.

Meticulously formulated, RunGuard Natural is made from 100% plant-based ingredients, certified organic where possible, plus beeswax. Unscented.

100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.


Patented Nipple Protection For Male Athletes

Painful nipple abrasion is a common problem experienced by male athletes that is typically caused by a sweaty shirt rubbing up against the tip of the nipple over extended periods of time. The problem also occurs when weather conditions are less than perfect, such as with high humidity, rain and snow.

NipGuards® patented design uses a medical adhesive that sticks on the base of the nipple, with a hollow cavity covered by a protective layer that shields the tip of the nipple from rubbing against the shirt. Because you do not sweat through the base of your nipple, NipGuards® will not fall off due to sweat. When applied properly, NipGuards® will stay on in all weather conditions for any distance, including 100-mile ultra marathons and full triathlons.

100% money back guarantee if not satisfied.

RunGuard® Natural Medium Size (40.0g)


RunGuard® Natural Travel Size (17.0g)


NipGuards® Individual Runner’s Pack (10 Pair)



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